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Reloading Tips

Reloading Tips

Successful performance of our Hi-Tek coated bullets often hinges on the proper loading practices by the end user. Two of the biggest culprits that lead to problems when using coated bullets is not enough bell or flare in the case mouth, and too much crimp after seating. We strongly recommend seating and crimping in two separate operations. When attempting to seat and crimp in the same station, the bullet is still moving in the case mouth while the crimp is being applied. This can cause scraping of the coating, which exposes the underlying alloy to the bore of your weapon. this can cause leading.

Please watch the YouTube video link below for further explanation.


Case Flare Tips



300 Blackout Data

Many questions arise regarding the loading of our 30 caliber bullets in the 300 Blackout. We jumped into the blackout market with the 240 grain RNFP. As many of you may have encountered, the large bore riding portion of the nose led to jamming in the magazine, and the flat nose dragging on the feed ramps when used in the AR platform. The results with this bullet were consistently inconsistent. So we went about drawing our own design. After many hours of R and D, careful measuring, and a little luck, we designed the 220 grain RN profile. This bullet was designed to run in an unmodified P-mag. The ogive rests on the mag rib, similar to the 5.56 that the mag was designed for. Remember, as with all cast bullets, these bullets run fat / large relative to the bore diameter. This is to ensure proper seal of the bore and increases accuracy. Just as is needed with our pistol bullets, users must bell / flare the case mouth to avoid scraping the coating. Once the bullet is seated (we advised against seating and crimping in the same station / throw of the handle), it is necessary to apply a light crimp to remove the bell / flare. It is also important for reloaders to remember that each weapon / platform is an individual. Case OAL can very in each gun despite them all supposed to be SAMMI spec. Our suggested OAL is just that, a suggestion. It may be necessary to shorten the OAL to get the round to chamber reliably in the particular chamber being used. Powder charges should be adjusted accordingly as OAL is shortened.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have.

Thank you!

Leatherhead Bullets LLC


240 grain RNFP

Utilize any 220 grain jacketed load data as a starting point.

Suggested starting OAL = 2.15"

220 grain RN

Utilize any 200 grain jacketed load data as a starting point.

Suggested starting OAL = 2.065"


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